Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cost of Lap Band surgery

The cost for lap banding surgery varies from about $17,000 to $30,000 depending on your state. In the past, insurance companies did not cover this procedure, but they are increasingly paying for all or part of the procedure where medical necessity is established by your doctor.

Differences from Gastric Bypass

Here are some of the differences that may make lap banding preferable to gastric bypass:

Lap banding is reversible: the device can be removed.
Lap band surgery is less invasive: the stomach and intestines are not cut or rerouted.
Anatomy is not permanently altered.
There is no effect on your body's nutrient absorption (whereas gastric bypass may cause nutrition deficiency in some cases).
Less scarring occurs: only small incisions are required.

Here are some of the differences that may make lap banding less preferable to gastric bypass:

A foreign object is left in the patient's body, increasing risk of infection.
Slippage of the band is rare but possible.
Weight loss typically occurs more gradually than with gastric bypass.
Nearby internal organs may be injured during the surgical placement of the band.

What's a Lap Band?

The lap band approved by the FDA in June 2001 for use in weight loss surgery comprises three parts:

silicone or silastic (pliable soft plastic) band
reservoir or "port"
tube connecting the band to the port

Cost of lap band surgery

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